SAP Business One - the ERP for small and medium sized companies and start-ups

Over 70,000 companies in 170 countries worldwide use SAP Business One. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is designed for small and midsize companies and start-ups, therefore 80% of SAP Business One customers have less than 50 ERP users in their company. The ERP solution supports 28 languages and 44 country-specific versions and is thus optimally prepared for an increasing number of international branches or subsidiary companies of SAP Business One customers. More than 500 software add-ons are available to create your individual SAP Business One solution. In addition to the application of SAP Business One in small and medium sized organizations, the software is also used in numerous subsidiary companies of large organizations. Using the integration framework, SAP Business One of a subsidiary company can be connected to the SAP ECC of the parent company.

SAP Business One bei über 65.000 Unternehmen in Einsatz



SAP Business One in170 Ländern


SAP Business One bei über 65.000 Unternehmen im Einsatz


80% of the customers have less than 50 users

SAP Business One hat 44 länderspezifische Versionen

Country-specific locations

SAP Business One - 28 Systemsprachen

System languages

SAP Business One über 500 Add-ons


Software Add-ons

SAP Business One benefits

SAP Business One in der Cloud Verfügbarkeit 24/7

Availability 24/7

SAP Business One in der Cloud Zugriff von überall

Access from everywhere

SAP Business One in der Cloud Aktueller Releasestand

Latest release status & latest hardware

SAP Business One - Hohe Zugangssicherheit

High access security

SAP Business One Technischer Support

Technical Support

SAP Business One Integriertes Backup

Integrated backup

Target group specific offers

The introduction of accounting or supply chain management systems is always customer-specific, but groups can be distinguished. The following grouping is not completely decisive, but the overview provides useful information:

Start-ups and small companies

Small to medium-sized companies

Medium-sized companies

Number of users

1 to 5

5 to 15

More than 15


Individuelle Cloud-Instanz oder On Premise (lokale) Installation

License model

Usually license rent

Frequently license rent

Usually license purchase

SAP licenses

Starter Package

Frequently Professional and Limited User

Professional and Limited User


equipment packages

Often ready-to-use equipment packages with additional requirements

Classic implementation project with distinctive project phases






Usually online

Frequently online with some days in person

Usually in person and occasionally some online training


Usually cloud

Usually cloud

Frequently cloud, on premise (local) where needed

SAP Business One inspires our customers

Target group oriented offers

The introduction of accounting or supply chain management systems is always customer-specific, but groups can be distinguished. The following grouping is not completely decisive, but the overview provides useful information:

Start-ups und kleine Unternehmen

Anzahl User

1 bis 5



Üblicherweise Lizenzmiete

SAP Lizenzen


Vorgefertigte Ausstattungspakete




Üblicherweise Online


Üblicherweise Cloud


Kleine bis mittelgroße Unternehmen

Anzahl User

5 bis 15



Häufig Lizenzmiete

SAP Lizenzen


Häufig Wahl eines Ausstattungspakets mit zusätzlichen Anforderungen




Häufig Online mit einzelnen Terminen vor Ort


Üblicherweise Cloud


Mittelständische Unternehmen

Anzahl User

Mehr als 15


Individuelle Cloud-Instanz oder On Premise (lokale) Installation


Üblicherweise Lizenzkauf

SAP Lizenzen


Klassisches Einführungsprojekt mit abgegrenzten Projektphasen




Vorwiegend vor Ort mit ggf. einigen Online-Schulungen


Häufig Cloud,
On Premise (lokal) wo notwendig


Optimized online trade

être belle cosmetics had their online webshop connected to SAP Business One via conesprit. Online orders are now automatically transferred to the ERP and immediately transmitted to the shipping staff as a work order. With the help of the Fulfillment Terminal Delivery bill, invoice and shipping label are created at the push of a button.

Multi-stage production processes planned easily

WAVELABS produces solar measurement products. Multi-stage production processes are carried out and the use of serial number-managed components is necessary. Thanks to SAP Business One, production planning can be carried out system-based. Serial numbers are traceable down to the last production level.

SAP Business One supports rapid growth

The fast-growing food retailer LCGK has introduced the ERP system “SAP Business One” as a cloud-based solution. CEO Mert Philip Karpuz was able to create on his own demo system within 3 minutes. He was also convinced by the transparent quotation of the SAP partner conesprit. One of the best decisions he made, says Karpuz looking back.

SAP Business One for better overview and efficiency

The cooperative of workshops for disabled people “gdw süd” has decided to implement SAP Business One. Werner Block, Managing Director of gdw süd, reports his experiences with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system developed for start-ups and SMEs and the successful cooperation with conesprit GmbH.

SAP Business One Referenzen

Reasons to implement SAP Business One

Integration of all business areas including financial accounting and standardization of processes

All departments of a company (sales, material procurement, purchasing, production, warehousing, service, finance and controlling) are integrated in a single system. The processes are consistently linked to each other, even if they run through several areas. Therefore they can be carried out quickly and are transparent for all employees. Financial accounting is fully integrated.

Automation of processes

For all processes, accounting records are automatically generated in the background. Documents can be created from a preceding document through a single click. The bank account is automatically balanced. The disposition assistant creates disposition proposals based on offers, sales orders, framework agreements, production orders and much more.

Tracking of processes, tracking of items & stock in real time

Processes that are linked to each other can be easily tracked using the “relationship map” function. By assigning batch and serial numbers, items can be organized. Stock levels as well as planned receipts and issues are transparent and are displayed in real time.

Transparent key figures

The SAP Business One standard already includes a wide range of reports and dashboards. Important key figures such as monthly and annual sales, open receivables and payables, TOP 10 items, customers or sales employees can already be displayed on the home page. The cost accounting is included in the standard. Project costs can be calculated exactly. Data is displayed in real time.

Future-proof investment

SAP, the world market leader for business software, ensures long-term availability and continuous further development of SAP Business One.

Does any of those reasons apply to you? Get in contact with us.

SAP Business One is suitable for...

Companies that do not have an integrated solution and hence use Word and Excel for data processing

Rapidly growing companies companies that need an ERP that optimally supports them in their growth

Start-ups that want to professionalize their processes from the beginning

Companies that work with a supply chain or warehouse management system and run their financial accounting in a different software solution

Companies whose processes are distributed across multiple software applications

Subsidiary companies whose parent companies work with SAP ECC

Does any of those reasons apply to you? Get in contact with us.

Whatever you are up to...

conesprit – Your SAP Partner for Business One supports you:
You receive the complete service for your business management and growth from us

conesprit - Beratung

Together with you we analyze your business processes, collect your requirements and model them in SAP Business One.

conesprit GmbH - Implemntierung

We implement SAP Business One on your In-house server or in the cloud and customize the software fitting your needs.

conesprit GmbH - Customizing

We also implement your individual requirements that are not available by the SAP Business One standard.

conesprit GmbH - Schulung

We support you in building and deepening your knowledge of SAP Business One.

conesprit GmbH - Support

We install new releases and upgrades for you and are all time available when you run into a problem.

conesprit GmbH - Hosting

If you would like to run SAP Business One in the cloud, we can cover the hosting in the Microsoft cloud Azure.

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