Customer References

être belle Cosmetics

Industry: Cosmetics wholesale and retail

être belle Cosmetics, with its international headquarters in Flein near Heilbronn, was founded in 1982 and has successfully developed since then. The beauty products stand for exclusive cosmetics, wellness and professional treatment systems worldwide. Être belle Cosmetics can be found in concept stores in the cities of Berlin, Frankfurt and Stuttgart.


Industry: Mechanical engineering

WAVELABS Solar Metrology Systems GmbH was founded in 2011 and has been developing and producing solar simulators since then, which are mainly used in the photovoltaic industry. The company developed from a garage start-up to a global player in in the twinkling of an eye: Around 30% of all solar cells produced in a year are measured by solar simulators from WAVELABS.

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Industry: Food wholesale

LCGK is a young German company with experience in the field of food wholesale and retail. They identify new or adapt already known products, test these products in different segments, analyze the data collected to quantify the potential of the product and thus support their retailers with particularly “turnaround” products.

Bb2bworkplace GmbH

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gdw süd

Industry: Social enterprice, wholesale, production, service

The cooperative of workshops for disabled people “gdw süd” has decided to implement SAP Business One. Werner Block, Managing Director of gdw süd, reports his experiences with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system developed for SMEs and the successful cooperation with conesprit GmbH.

QuantoLux GmbH

Branche: Hersteller Elektronikgeräte

QuantoLux gestaltet die Zukunft der Optischen Emissions-Spektrometrie und entwickelt neue Geräte für die Elementanalyse in der Materialprüfung. Das junge Unternehmen ist am Niederrhein ansässig und beliefert von dort aus seine internationalen Kunden.

GTS Teamlabs Kft

Industry: SAP consulting, software development and training

GTS Teamlabs Kft is a SAP consulting company based in Hungary and has been providing SAP GTS consulting for over 15 years. With SAP Global Trade Services (SAP GTS), international trade processes can be automated, a large number of business partners and receipts can be managed, while ensuring that companies can comply with constantly changing international legal requirements.

Schneider Dokumentation

Industry: Service, technical documentation

Schneider Dokumentation stands for future-oriented solutions and high customer orientation in the field of technical documentation. The service company was founded in 2017 and supports its customers in solving problems, saving costs and time, integrating new processes or outsourcing. In 2020 Schneider Dokumentation was named as “best technical documentation CEO 2020 (western europe)” at the Global CEO Excellence Awards.

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Kachelofen und Kaminhaus

Industry: Craft

The company “Kachelofen und Kaminhaus” is a family business and has been manufacturing tiled stoves and air heatings for over 40 years. Adapted to their customers , the ovens are designed personally, individually and pursuant to the most modern standards.

ecoCOAT GmbH

Industry: Producer in coating Industry

ecoCOAT GmbH develops customer-specific functional surfaces for optimized power transmission through microform closure, soldering materials for hard and soft soldering, conductive tracks and heating conductors on a wide variety of components. The workpieces are manufactured in series in specially developed coating systems.


Industry: Natural cosmetics producer

PHYSTINE means pure body through untouched nature. PHYSTINE stands for naturalness, sustainability, environmental protection and social fairness. The skin and body care products are consistently natural, ethical, ecological and are developed and handmade by the company with the claim to be the best for people and the environment.

hard & softWERK

Industry: Software development and hardware production

hard & softWERK is a young IT company with a focus on digital technologies and hardware and software engineering. Due to the broad spectrum of competences, a wide range of project requirements can be mapped and, depending on the requirements, individual developments as well as modular and holistic solutions can be offered. As a development and production partner, Hard & softWERK stands for market-driven solutions and cooperation based on partnership.

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Rübsam Technik

Industry: Service, maintenance

RÜBSAM Technik GmbH, based in Fulda, belongs to a large, nationally active brand group, called R+S POWER solutions. The company is an expert in technical solutions, training and advice.

Konz & Schaefer

Industry: Tile retailer

Konz & Schaefer has been laying tiles for the big players in the construction industry for 125 years. The company’s range of services extends from large-scale production halls to large shopping centers. In addition to tiling, Konz & Schaefer also offers laying cast stones and natural stones.

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Perfect Look

Industry: Cosmetics wholesale and retail

PERFECT Look works with the latest scientific findings and the most modern technology to make it possible that no one has to live with an unhappy appearance. The company offers treatments, products and training.

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Industry: Steel trade

ISP INTERNATIONAL STEEL & PIPES e.K. is a steel and metal trader in Bremen (Germany), who brings together end customers in steel, as well as manufacturers and workers.
ISP consults both domestic and foreign companies in a professional and targeted manner.


Industry: Food industry

Milcona is a company from the food industry based in Bad Homburg v.d.H.. The young company specializes in the distribution of high-quality raw milk products and focuses on sustainable and transparent communication and cooperation with its customers.