Every company needs a clearly defined sales process. This process determines how quotations are made and how sales orders, deliveries and A/R invoices are structured and created. SAP Business One, the ERP software for small and medium-sized companies, supports you in every step of this order-to-cash process. You register documents, invoices, credit notes, returns and monitor incoming payments. Using the item availability check, you can see if and when the desired items are in stock. Thanks to the scheduling agreement function, deliveries can be rescheduled in no time at all to meet the needs of each customer. You have always an overview of the outstanding receivables and, if necessary, you can use the reminder assistant to remind the customer of these.

SAP Business One - ERP Software

Order-to-cash: Create quotations, sales orders, deliveries and A/R invoices. The documents can be linked and tracked for auditing and customer queries. Returns, credit notes and additional expenses as well as different currencies can be kept under control.

Receivables: Via the customer base and the report “open receivables” you have always an overview of the receivables and you can create a reminder if required.

Enterprise Search: Customer queries by e-mail or telephone can be answered quickly because the required documents can be found with the HANA-based Enterprise Search.

Item availability report: The Available-to-Promise report allows you to check if and when the desired items are in stock in real time .

Scheduling agreement management: Delivery quantities and dates can be adapted to new orders at short notice.

Individual document design: SAP Crystal Reports allows you to design your document templates with pixel accuracy.

Sales and Marketing

Winning new customers is crucial for success. But it is equally important to fully exploit the potential of existing customer relationships. With SAP Business One, the ERP solution for SMEs, you can quickly and easily manage the entire sales process and every customer contact – from the initial meeting and confirmation of the order to service and support in after-sales. In the integrated solution you see all potential and existing customers at a glance and you can better assess their needs. Prospective customers become enthusiastic customers.

SAP Business One - ERP Software

Sales – and Opportunity Management: You track business opportunities and customer activities from the first contact to after-sales seamlessly.

Marketing campaigns: Create, control and analyze individual marketing activities or entire marketing campaigns.

Customer management: You store all your customer data in a central location and conveniently synchronise it with your contacts from Microsoft Outlook.

Service-Management: Warranty and service contracts can be managed more efficiently than ever. This enables you to help your customers faster on the phone.

Reports and analyzes: You create detailed reports on all sales issues (such as sales and pipeline forecasts) using time-saving templates.

Mobile sales: With the mobile app for SAP Business One your sales team can access all important data from anywhere at any time.

Financials and accounting

SAP Business One, the ERP for small and midsize companies, gives you all the tools you need to simplify your financial management. Automatically manage bookings, calculate taxes and carry out transactions in a wide range of currencies. All banking transactions can be handled with the application: you process account statements and payments, reconcile accounts, manage cash flow and keep an eye on budgets. In addition, you can compare the actual situation with the target situation in no time and immediately determine how your company is doing. Your financial processes are seamlessly integrated with other business processes, such as purchasing and sales in real time. The result: faster transactions and greater transparency of cash flow.

SAP Business One - ERP Software

Accounting: Automate all core accounting processes, such as the accounting journal, receivables and payables.

Controlling: You manage your cash flow reliably, keep an eye on assets, control budgets and monitor project costs.

Fixed assets: Manage your fixed assets digitally without having to enter data again and again.

Banking: In no time at all, you can reconcile accounts, process account statements and bookings of various payment methods – such as bank transfers, cash payments and credit cards.

Financial reporting and analysis: Create standardized or customized reports that contains real-time data from business planning and auditing

Cost Center Accounting: Assign a distribution rule to each journal entry to break down your expenses and revenues by cost centers.


Every company needs a clearly defined purchasing process. It determines how offers are obtained, purchase requisitions are structured and suppliers are paid. SAP Business One, the ERP software for small and medium-sized companies, supports you in every step of this order-to-pay process. You enter receipts, A/P invoices, returns and payments. Integrated reporting allows you to compare suppliers and prices more easily – so you can negotiate better terms and conditions and discover new opportunities for cost savings.

SAP Business One - ERP Software

Order-to-Pay: Create supplier inquiries, purchase orders and goods receipts. The documents can be linked together and tracked for auditing purposes. Returns, additional expenses and different currencies can also be kept under control.

Master data management: Thanks to a user-friendly interface, you can manage even extensive data smoothly and easily. Account balances and purchase analyses are available, as well as detailed order information with price lists and tax data.

Warehouse and accounting integration: Compare goods receipt confirmations with your stock levels in real time.

Liabilities: Process A/P invoices, cancellations and credit notes and link them to the corresponding purchase order. You plan material requirements and schedule your purchases.

Easy, up-to-the-minute reporting: Create reports based on real-time data and visualize it in a variety of templates and dashboards.

Scheduling assistant: SAP Business One offers you the possibility to plan required quantities for complex manufacturing and procurement processes via an assistant. The scheduling assistant makes recommendations so that the end product can be produced or procured at the desired time and in the required quantity.

Stock and warehouse

SAP Business One, the ERP software for SMEs, provides you with reliable information on inbound and outbound deliveries, inventories and item locations at all times. You can view your inventory values using standard costs, moving average, FIFO and other methods. The solution allows you to check your inventory and item availability in real time, as well as manage standard and special prices. Volume, cash and customer-specific discounts can also be taken into account – and the resulting effects can be understood.

SAP Business One - ERP Software

Warehouse and inventory management: You can clearly manage your inventory, maintain master data and label multiple units of measurement and prices.

Storage place management: You manage inventory across multiple warehouses, you can divide each warehouse into zones and define allocation rules. Stock movements and picking times can be optimized.

Incoming and outgoing goods control: You log every incoming and outgoing goods as well as all parking spaces and movements. Consignment, drop shipping and other delivery types are supported as well as inventories.

Batches and serial numbers: By assigning batch and serial numbers, it is possible to track items without gaps.

Production and material requirements planning: You create multiple part lists, release production orders manually or automatically and manage part list prices system-wide.

Efficient reporting: You create reports with up-to-date data and present them in various formats and dashboards.

Production / Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies have special requirements for an ERP system because production control is the most essential part of your value chain. For optimal planning and control of production processes and capacities, all necessary information must be bundled in one system. Thanks to the integrated production module, SAP Business One already provides a wide range of functions for production planning and control in the standard version. For special requirements there are also industry-specific add-ons as a supplement.

SAP Business One - ERP Software

Order-to-produce: Sales orders are directly converted into production orders. The documents are linked to each other, so the connection is always traceable.

Production order: The status of the production order can be viewed at any time. The required materials are automatically booked back from stock after completion.

Parts list: You can create parts lists with little effort. If you replace a component of your parts list with a new material, you can do this without having to adapt each parts list individually.

Disposition assistant: The material requirements are automatically determined and compared with the stock on hand. The assistant recommends which materials must be ordered to ensure that the production order is completed on time.

Production costs: Costs are transparent and can be viewed per production order thanks to comprehensive analysis functions.

Analytics and Reporting

With SAP Business One, the ERP solution for small and medium-sized companies, your employees are able to make well-founded decisions faster. The solution brings together all important information from sales, customer management, operations and finance – and makes it available throughout the company. Your data is no longer distributed over several tables, but stored centrally in a fully integrated system. Data no longer needs to be entered multiple times, costs are reduced and error rates are also reduced. Alerts automatically inform employees when they need to take action – so you and your employees can concentrate on the most important tasks. At all times, you know exactly how your company is doing and that your data is truly reliable.

SAP Business One - ERP Software

Dashboards and reports: Design intuitive interactive dashboards and reports that provide answers to urgent questions. Your executives see exactly how sales, costs, and cash flow are performing. This enables them to better assess business performance and quickly take corrective action when needed.

Real-time analytics: Gain faster access to information and evaluate them with powerful real-time analytics solutions. SAP Business One makes it easy to search for data and create standard or ad hoc reports on demand.

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