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Exclusively for SMEs: "SAP Business One is built for SMEs - and it works.”

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Inclusion is a social trend, everyone is preaching it. But there are social enterprises that have been practicing inclusion for decades. Quietly, diligently, successfully and with foresight. One of them is gdw süd. The “Genossenschaft der Werkstätten für behinderte Menschen” decided to implement SAP Business One. The enterprise resource planning (ERP) system developed for SMEs comes up with a modular, intuitive structure, high transparency, flexibility, multifunctionality, clarity and simple implementation.

Thanks to overview and efficiency: More resources for the essentials
Efficiency and the intelligent use of resources are crucial for social enterprises like gdw süd, as Werner Block, Managing Director, knows firsthand.

Simple and clear – flexible and expandable
gdw süd’s customers come from industry, trade and commerce. The breadth of the value chain is impressive: from installation work to garden and landscape maintenance to office services. If you want to hold your own in such diverse and competitive markets, you have to impress with your performance.

Industry 4.0 and gdw süd
Increasing automation and digitalization are not a cause for concern for gdw süd – quite the opposite: Werner Block sees opportunities for people with impairments in this.

SAP Business One, conesprit GmbH and gdw süd: Hand in Hand
With SAP Business One, SAP wants to support what SMEs prove every day: Professionalism is not a question of size, but of attitude. Together with conesprit GmbH, SAP Business One was introduced easily, quickly and smoothly at gdw süd.

Becoming a smart company with SAP Business One
Designed for SMEs and startups, the “SAP Business One” ERP system has recently become one of the social enterprise’s efficiency enhancement measures. It helps small or medium-sized companies maintain an overview and give the business both flexibility and the necessary structure.

“The collaboration with SAP partner conesprit was very pleasant right from the start. I was particularly struck by the fact that we speak the same language.”
Werner Block, Managing Director of gdw Süd

SAP Business One Interview with Werner Block, gdw süd

Werner Block gdw süd

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