Classic implementation project vs. implementation in the SAP Business One Cloud

There are two fundamentally different approaches to the implementation of SAP Business One: The classic implementation project and the SAP Business One Cloud, which we have developed especially for small companies and start-ups.

SAP Business One Einführungsprojekt

Classic implementation project

SAP Business One in der Cloud

SAP Business One Cloud

SAP Business One Einführungsprojekt

Classic implementation project

The classic implementation project consists of the following project phases:

  1. Requirement analysis
  2. Implementation
  3. Training
  4. Test
  5. GoLive
  6. Documentation

You are free to choose the hardware for the implementation project. All variations are possible: On-premise hardware, in the cloud, with a Microsoft SQL Server or with an SAP HANA database. Whenever possible, we recommend to use Microsoft Cloud Azure in combination with an SAP HANA database. With this installation we achieve a worldwide availability of the solution through the Cloud Azure and are well prepared for an intensive use with the SAP HANA database. In contrast to the SAP Business One Cloud, you use the hardware components exclusively (single instance). This means that we are also free in the selection of possible add-ons.

The classic implementation project is suitable for medium-sized companies in which an existing ERP is to be replaced. As expected, SAP Business One processes have to be adapted to customer requirements during implementation. If necessary, customer-specific documents and reports have to be created and industry-specific add-ons have to be installed and configured.

SAP Business One in der Cloud

Implementation in the SAP Business One Cloud

The SAP Business One Cloud is designed specifically for start-ups and small businesses. The basis for the cloud is a prefabricated SAP Business One template that is tailored to the needs of start-ups and small businesses.

In combination with the Microsoft Cloud Azure, we were able to create a Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) from the SAP Business One cloud, enabling us to install a productive system within a few hours. Our SAP Business One customers share hardware in the Azure cloud. We pass on the resulting cost advantage to our customers.

We have developed the approach “THINK Big, start small” to facilitate SAP Business One Cloud. This approach foresees as scope 1.0 (start small) only the absolutely necessary components so that the customer can work with SAP Business One as soon as possible. At the same time, we develop a timetable for all other components such as interfaces to leverage SAP Business One to a maximum for our clients (THINK BIG). This approach has proven itself in practice, so we describe it in a separate blog.

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