Schneider Dokumentation

Schneider Dokumentation

Best Technical Documentation CEO with attention to detail

Schneider Dokumentation, based in Bad Friedrichshall, was founded by Manuel Schneider in 2017. With his attention to detail and his motive to give structure to documents, he started out as a freelancer and later as the founder of his own company. With his clear growth strategy and strong customer focus, Mr. Schneider’s actions were confirmed by the award he received as “Best Technical Documentation CEO 2020”. “The customer is the driving force. He is clearly the focus, because a car without an engine doesn’t work.”

SAP Business One – the ERP withStruktur

In 2019, Mr. Schneider realized he needed an ERP with structure. As the company grew, the handling of many different documents and programs became more and more time-consuming, maintenance-intensive and customer data had to be entered individually in each application. With SAP Business One, Mr. Schneider got a central solution that replaced the multitude of individual solutions.

SAP Business One in the Cloud

For Schneider Documentation, SAP Business One in the cloud means access to the ERP from anywhere, constant availability, flexibility, and use via the browser access and the sales app. “The cloud solution was out of the question for me” says Manuel Schneider. The cloud, the sales app and the possibility of various interfaces, which can also be connected in the future, were an unavoidable requirement of his for the system.

SAP Business One triggers enthusiasm

As with many other small businesses, an ERP from SAP was actually out of the running for Mr. Schneider, as it is only suitable for corporations and is too expensive. However, SAP Business One aroused his interest, met his requirements and was also easy for him to finance in terms of price. A decisive factor in his decision was the system’s constant accessibility from anywhere via the Web and a sales app. The possibility of interfaces also played a positive role in his decision in favor of SAP Business One and ultimately convinced him.

Special requirements

Schneider Dokumentation had special requirements for SAP Business One, which conesprit successfully implemented. What was previously duplicate work is now all mapped in one log, which is embedded in the invoice form.
It is also very important for the service company to be able to allocate the work performed in hours to the correct projects. In addition to the log, Schneider Dokumentation therefore also uses the “working hours sheet” feature. This allows the hours spent on a project to be entered into the project module and to be invoiced. This is also a safeguard for the customer. “In the past, this was solved in Excel, which was a lot of steps. Now it’s much easier.”

The key to success: Trying and testing

The offer of conesprit, a free test system, invites to try out processes and functions before the productive system goes live. In addition to the well-structured training days filled with a lot of input and the training documents, Mr. Schneider independently worked his way deeper into the material of the ERP system SAP Business One. He called the learning by doing with the basic knowledge from the training days: “The knowledge grows through the application”.

“The cooperation with conesprit GmbH went super. I had a secure feeling about success at all times.”
Manuel Schneider, business owner, Schneider Dokumentation

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