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From zero to one hundred

Almost everyone involved in the dairy industry is now familiar with MILCONA, the B2B premium supplier of high-quality dairy ingredients and raw milk products. In 2020, the company was founded by two industry specialists and has since been on a successful international course. Global players are already among the well-known customers.

Audits create trust

In addition to 32-year-old Benedict Wagner, who began his career as a banker, MILCONA is backed by Tilen Verhovsek, who has more than twenty years of experience in the industry. Since the end of October 2021, the young company has also been IFS Broker 3 audited, which not many traders can boast and indicates one of the highest quality standards that the industry can currently provide.

SAP Busines One Cloud and conesprit – facts speak for themselves

Based on many years of management experience, the up-and-coming start-up knew that it could not grow without a powerful ERP system. Positive previous experience with SAP meant that the solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, SAP Business One, was a direct choice. “SAP Business One Cloud was and is for us without alternative. High IT security, low maintenance costs and always an optimal system, hosted by experts – all these facts speak for themselves,” explains Wagner when asked why MILCONA chose the cloud solution.

Almost as quickly as the decision was made at the beginning of 2021 for the SAP Business One Cloud, the two managing directors agreed to implement it with conesprit GmbH. The SAP consulting company was particularly convincing due to its references in the food trade and the quickly available demo system. Within about one working week, the SAP solution was available for MILCONA.

„Do It Yourself”-Package – efficient and cost-effective

MILCONA booked the “Do It Youself (DIY)” package. This includes two databases, a productive database and a workshop database, training materials and standard documents. In this way, conesprit offers users with prior knowledge of SAP in particular a comprehensive basis for mapping their respective business processes in SAP and designing them in a correspondingly digitized and efficient manner. Training and other modules can be added as an option.

MILCONA first filled out a questionnaire, on the basis of which the databases were configured. The finished databases were then made available in the SAP Business One Cloud. On the basis of the preliminary work by conesprit, within a few days the productive database was configured and established on its own and has since then been available as a platform for further, international growth.

SAP now not only manages the supply chain

All business processes are now digitally mapped in the SAP Business One Cloud. In addition, the system supports the optimization of procurement with regard to the inventory and consumption of goods. The flow of goods in production, which can basically take place anywhere in the world, is completely mapped in the ERP software, from the withdrawal of raw materials to the storage of the produced items. Sales and distribution is also completely controlled by SAP. Since MILCONA does not have a balance sheet accountant in the team, journal entries, which are automatically generated by MILCONA’s processes, are exported and imported into the DATEV database of the tax consultant.

“We were looking for a fully-integrated ERP solution with an international focus that was cloud-enabled and could map the strict guidelines of the food industry in a sustainable way. We found all of this in SAP Business One Cloud.”

Benedikt Wagner, Founder and CEO MILCONA

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