How can ‘work performed’ be issued on outgoing invoices?

How can ‘work performed’ be issued on outgoing invoices?

Solution for work performance and compensatory levy in the SAP Business One Cloud

According to § 160 SGB IX, employers who do not employ the legally prescribed number of severely disabled people must pay the compensatory levy, also known as the severely disabled levy, to the responsible integration office. The levy applies to all private and public employers with at least 20 employees per month on an annual average. It is payable if at least five percent of the jobs are not occupied by severely disabled people.

By commissioning workshops for people with disabilities, employees with severe disabilities can be employed indirectly. Half of the work performed by severely disabled employees can be offset against the compensatory levy to be paid.

In order to show the work performed in addition to the invoice amount on an invoice, you can maintain an additional sales price list with work performed in EUR in SAP Business One. When creating an A/R invoice, SAP Business One outputs the labor per item as well as the cumulative labor for the entire A/R invoice. The work performed can be seen when the outgoing invoice is created and is of course also taken into account in the print layout of the outgoing invoice.

The concept described above can also be implemented in craft businesses. For craft businesses, it is important to display the work performed on the customer invoice, because private households can deduct 20% of the labor costs of a craftsman’s invoice from tax and thus save taxes at the end of the year.

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