THINK BIG, start small – Level II

THINK BIG, start small – Level II

SAP Business One extensions and interfaces – growing is obvious

Author: Roman Douverne
State: 06.04.2021

With SAP Business One you can use the next few years to grow in a scalable way. No matter what happens, the modular structure and the unique range of expansion options combined with the quality of the applications make you prepared for every change.

In the right time, there are services, applications and instruments which you can activate in a modular and uncomplicated way. The SAP Business One Integration Framework and the SAP Business One Integration Hub provide the interface to industry solutions from SAP partners and third-party providers as well as own solutions from SAP. This offer is constantly being expanded and updated.

How does SAP Business One grow with you? Selected extensions and integration solutions that companies particularly like:

SAP Business One Stufe 2
SAP Business One Management

ManagementSAP Analytics Cloud: With this extension you combine reporting, analysis and forecasting as well as advanced analytics/reporting and even with the support of artificial intelligence (AI). Make better and faster decisions by taking advantage of a centralized cloud analytics solution that increases the business value of business intelligence (BI), corporate planning and advanced predictive analytics.

SAP Business One Lager und Logistik

Warehouse & LogisitcsDHL and UPS: Optimize your shipping process by connecting DHL and UPS via the integration hub. This integration scenario enables you to display all of your shipping processes and returns processes in an optimized and automated way.

SAP Business One Mitarbeiter

Employee – The travel management service and expense management service SAP Concur allows a continuous link from booking business trips to travel expense accounting. This service considerably simplifies the processing of travel expenses for employees in the field.

SAP Business One Produktion & MRP

Production & MRP – Production and in particular production planning are traditionally expanded by partner solutions. These solutions include for example SMS ERP and Boyum (formerly BEAS).

SAP Business One CRM

CRM – SAP includes the following CRM integration scenarios:

Salesforce: SAP Business One already has a built-in CRM. The CRM Salesforce can also be easily connected to SAP Business One via the SAP Business One Integration Hub. The interface allows you to synchronize your contacts, leads, articles, opportunities, offers and customer orders. By standardizing the master data, you can keep track of things and plan opportunities better. Furthermore, you strengthen the collaboration between your sales team in the office and your sales team in the field.

MS Dynamics CRM: MS Dynamics CRM works as a customizable, flexible solution designed to suit your business requirements. Choose between a stand-alone application to meet the needs of a specific line of business or multiple CRM tools that work together as a powerful integrated solution. A useful feature is e.g. the multi-instance capability, which allows several disjoint organizational units brought together on a single server

MailChimp and SendGrid: MailChimp and SendGrid are marketing automation platforms. This essentially simplifies the individualization of your marketing campaigns. Accurately generate personalized customer approaches and evaluate the success of your marketing activities with reports and analyses. These services can also be easily connected using the SAP Integration Hub.

SAP Business One Verkauf und Vertrieb

Webshops – A web shop generates more sales. With the SAP Business One Integration Hub, the web shop is easily connected to SAP Business One.

Shopify: This e-commerce software offers the possibility for small and medium-sized retailers to create online shops themselves. Tools for setting up payment options or for integration into the Amazon Marketplace are available.

WooCommerce is a customized and open-source plug-in for WordPress that supplements the content-management-system with the functionality of an online shop. With WooCommerce you are able to set up a new store in minutes and the plug-in includes secure payments, configurable shipping options, and more, out of the box.

Shopware is a modular online shop system. It is an ideal solution for meeting the changing demands of e-commerce, giving you the freedom to quickly and easily leverage your growth potential and focus on the perfect customer experience. Shopware contains CMS functionalities which can be adapted to the needs of the user through several extensions. This not only means a completely new technological basis; headless commerce can also be implemented with the software.

Magento: This online-shop software offers the possibility to manage multiple shops with independent catalogues and customer bases on different domains. In addition, Magento can be set up to be multi-tenant. Therefore, it is possible to offer a certain product range to a customer and to offer a different product range to another customer.

SAP Business One Service and Operations

Service&OperationsSAP Field Service Management (FSM): Field Service Management strengthens your technicians in the field with mobile tools. Key benefits are simplified scheduling, real-time analytics and reports and an improved first-time solution rate. Harmonized service processes reduce costs and your revenue increases due to improved customer satisfaction.

SAP Customer Checkout: Smart and flexible checkout solution, especially for stationary retail and gastronomy.

SAP Business One Einkauf

Purchasing – SAP Ariba strengthens the collaboration in retail. Companies can use the Ariba Network to network and conduct business efficiently with one another. Buyers and suppliers from more than 2.5 million companies in 190 countries are connected with one another and thus create new business opportunities. Expand and develop your business relationships with SAP Ariba worldwide.

Incoming invoice recognition: Incoming invoice recognition services are offered by Document Management System providers such as DocuWare and C.K. DMS. In SAP Business One Version 10.0 is the incoming invoice recognition service a standard feature.

RFQ – Request for Quotation: You can send requests for quotation electronically to your business partners. A web form is automatically generated in which the business partners can enter the offers. With this extension you simplify the communication process with your suppliers and you can compare offers in real time in order to select the best offer.

SAP Business One extensions: Growing is obvious

Ready for growth and change!
With SAP Business One, the topic of expandability that fits your growth is no longer an issue.

You can growth unhindered.
Unforeseen events cannot throw you off track – on the contrary: Thanks to an overview, analytical power and flexible additional applications, you will be able to react calmly to the unforeseen events and recognize and use new opportunities faster and more accurately.

SAP Customer Checkout

Provide your sales force point-of-sale functions that enable outstanding performance. Our application comply with all common requirements at the point of sale (POS). It supports sales, payment processing, discounts, as well as article and customer management. In addition, the processes around the POS will be tighten up. SAP Customer Checkout can be used on its own or integrated with our ERP software, which opens up even more options.

  • Hardware independent: SAP Customer Checkout gives you a choice in hardware. You can use the application on any point-of-sale terminal suitable for your business.
  • On-premise deployment
  • User-friendly and offline-capable checkout solution
  • Stand-alone or integrated with SAP ERP software: You can integrate the application into your SAP ERP solution so that the transaction data is transferred directly to your warehouse management and accounting systems, or you can use it independently (stand-alone).
  • Industry-optimized for retail, express service and table management: The user interface is specially customized to the needs of several industries – for stationary retail, gastronomy and companies in the field of sports and entertainment.
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