THINK BIG, start small – Level I

THINK BIG, start small – Level I

SAP Business One – Focus on strong range of functions in the standard at a fair price

Autor: Roman Douverne
Stand: 18.03.2021

No barriers to entry into the world of professionals. We think professionalism has something to do with attitude and not with company size. Therefore, we do everything we can to ensure that start-ups and SMEs have access to the professional tools of business management right from the start. That is SAP Business One: Even the entry-level package offers a lot of technology at a truly unique price-performance ratio. By using modern cloud technology in Microsoft Azure, it is possible to obtain the starter license with hosting from EUR 49 per user and month. Your productive system will be ready for you within 24 hours.

Be the king in your business thanks to an overview with depth effect: Where do you stand with the presentation of the structures and processes that define your company? Where do you stand with the use of data? SAP Business One gives you the information and tools you need to quickly set the right course. With SAP Business One, you can collect data from multiple sources and generate timely and accurate reports based on company-wide data.

Beneficial functions already in the standard:

  • Forecast calculations (cash flow calculation / material planning)
  • Mobile field service thanks to SAP Business One and SAP Business One Cloud Apps
  • Future-oriented in-memory platform (SAP HANA)

Sustainable and solid product roadmap: You know where you are going with SAP Business One – wherever you want to go

Flexibility and functionality – also from home. Cloud solutions support working from home in an ideal way. Complicated connections (VPN) to the office are no longer necessary. The shutdown in many countries during the corona crisis has shown that the possibility of working from home brings a competitive advantage that can decide whether a company will continue to exist.

SAP Business One Stufe 1
SAP Business One Management

Management – Cockpits with key figures: Key Performance Indicator (KPI) provide you key figures with which you can measure the performance of your company. You get an individual design without further programming.

SAP Business One Rechnungswesen und Finanzen

Accounting & Finance – You manage bookings, calculate taxes and execute transactions in different currencies – all automatically. You process statements of account and payments, reconcile accounts, manage cash flows and keep an eye on budgets.

SAP Business One Projektmanagement

Project management – All project-related transactions, resources, workflows and activities are clearly summarized in the project management module. You can monitor all developments and progresses of tasks, project stages and project phases at any time and you have a comparison between budget and actual values.

SAP Business One Produktion & MRP

Production & MRP – SAP Business One has a wide range of functions for production planning and control already in the standard version thanks to the integrated production module. With the help of the planning assistant, the material requirement is automatically determined and compared with the warehouse stock. The assistant recommends which materials need to be ordered to ensure that the production order is completed on time.

SAP Business One Lager und Logistik

Warehouse & Logistics – SAP Business One provides you with reliable information on incoming and outgoing deliveries, stocks and item locations at any time. Item stocks are known quantitatively as well as qualitatively at any time.

SAP Business One Mitarbeiter

Employees – SAP Business One offers the possibility to record and manage employee master data. Working hours, absences and employee performance are recorded and assigned to customer orders or projects. The time recording ensures that hours worked in your company are not only rendered, but also billed.

SAP Business One Ressourcenmanagement

Ressourcenmanagement – SAP Business One supports you in planning and deploying resources such as machines, employees and material in a economically reasonable way.

SAP Business One Service and Operations

Service & Operations – Thanks to the perfect organization of maintenance and other after-sales activities, you strengthen customer relationships and ensure sustainable customer service.

SAP Business One Verkauf und Vertrieb

Sales & Distribution – Acquiring new customers is decisive for success. But it is equally important to fully exploit the potential of existing customer relationships. SAP Business One supports you in every step of the order-to-cash process. When the sales documents are created, the corresponding posting record is automatically created in SAP Business One.

SAP Business One CRM

CRM – With SAP Business One you manage the entire sales process and every customer contact quickly and easily – from the first conversation to the confirmation up to service and support in aftersales. You plan and oversee the development of activities, expediencies and campaigns.

SAP Business One Einkauf

Purchasing – SAP Business One supports you in every step of the order-to-pay process. You record purchasing documents, returns and payments. An integrated reporting enables you to compare suppliers and prices more easily – so that you can negotiate better terms and discover new opportunities for cost savings.

SAP Business One Administration

Administration – In this area, basic settings are made. This includes, for example, the selection of the chart of accounts SKR03 or SKR04.

SAP Business One Standard: Focus on strong range of functions in the standard at a fair price

Already with the SAP standard service package you receive a lot of technology at a fair price: Full coverage of the range of functions, flexibility, modularity, value. SAP Business One is a fully integrated ERP system with prefabricated processes that are ready to use immediately (pre-delivered contents / standards).

SAP Key-Performance-Indicator (KPI) – for founders and managers

SAP Business One System

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are used to measure performance and relate to company-wide parameters such as e.g. profitability or liquidity. With the KPI widget you can create key figures that describe various aspects of your company, such as the total amount, the target for a selected period or the current trend compared to the previous period. KPIs are used for machines and employees to plan and review important goals and their achievement. It is a continuous improvement process possible because the relevant key figures are already stored in some ERP systems.

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