No power to the virus

No power to the virus

SAP Business One implementation online

Many things are currently different than usual due to the Corona crisis. Numerous projects have to be managed exclusively from the home office during the lockdown. As a result of this some projects stagnate – but others can be adapted to this specific situation and can continue.

The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) SAP Business One is one of those (IT-) projects that can be implemented and continued without problems despite the corona pandemic. The implementation in the cloud can be done online via video conferences and web sessions with the help of conesprit GmbH as a partner in an uncomplicated way and without personal meetings and workshops on site.

In 2020, conesprit GmbH successfully realized all SAP Business One Cloud implementations online. The sessions, training courses and workshops are individually adapted to the customer depending on the industry and size of the company and can take place either with or without video transmission. It is up to the users themselves whether they participate together in a conference room, at their workplace or from home.

When implementing SAP Business One, we distinguish between the classic implementation and SAP Business One in the cloud. The cloud-based solution has the advantage that the ERP can be installed within a few hours in conjunction with the Microsoft Cloud Azure and that the system is accessible at anytime and from anywhere. In line with this, we developed our approach “THINK BIG, start small”. start small means that we focus only on the necessary components at the beginning of the project for a start as soon as possible. THINK BIG means that further components are added to the ERP system from time to time in close cooperation with the customer. This ERP solution is ideally suited for companies that either do not yet have an ERP or for companies that have already outgrown a small ERP.

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