Process automation for deposit determination

Process automation for deposit determination

SAP Business One Cloud offers solution for deposit determination and deposit representation in relevant receipts

In the beverage, food and catering industries, products are sold that are packaged in reusable packaging. A deposit is charged on these products. If a company trades these products, it has to pay a deposit to the supplier and also pass the deposit on to the customer.

We have developed a solution that calculates the associated deposit for one or more products and automatically transfers it to an outgoing invoice. Likewise, when a purchase order is entered, the associated deposit is determined and automatically included into the purchase order dialog. Following these calculations, the SAP Business One system can provide information at any time on how much deposit is in stock.

For the deposit representation in sales and purchasing receipts, it is required to maintain the reusable packaging and packages in the corresponding master data. A crate of water, for example, consists of the reusable packaging 1x crate and 12x bottle. Separate items are created in SAP Business One for various reusable packaging and the corresponding deposit amount is stored.

In addition, a separate article group for reusable packaging is created, which allows the correct tax code, the correct G/L account for deposit proceeds and the deposit balance to be addressed in purchasing and sales. This information is important because the deposit is tax-free.

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