02/2022 SAP Business One Cloud goes international

02/2022 SAP Business One Cloud goes international

Business One Cloud has its first customers outside Germany. In recent months, conesprit GmbH has implemented Business One Cloud at gts Teamslabs, a SAP consulting firm in Hungary, and for Phystine, a natural cosmetics manufacturer in Austria.


Phystine had their online webshop connected to the Business One Cloud. Online orders are now automatically transferred to the SAP Business One and immediately transmitted to the warehouse as a picking order. After packing delivery note, invoice and shipping label are created at the push of a button via the conesprit fulfillment terminal. The fulfillment terminal is connected to the Sendcloud.


gts Teamslabs, headquartered in Hungary, supports companies in the area of SAP Global Trade System (GTS). During the implementation of Business One Cloud at gts Teamslab, the import of a feed for exchange rates was implemented. In addition, all outgoing invoices are automatically reported to the Hungarian tax office. GTS Teamslabs became aware of conesprit GmbH based on online research. “The structured implementation processes complemented by a high level of humanity quickly convinced us,” said gts Teamslab Managing Director Balazs Suller when asked why they had chosen conesprit.


Further implementations in Hungary are being planned.

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