THINK BIG, start small – executive summary

THINK BIG, start small – executive summary

Three scalable integration levels

One system, three scalable integration levels and all the flexibility to grow with cutting-edge technology

You start with the standard ERP business package, expand it with those functions you need to grow and continue to develop further in the direction of an intelligent company.

Module SAP Business One

Level I: SAP Business One – Focus on strong range of functions in the standard at a fair price

… with everything you need to run your business from the beginning

Getting started with the functions of SAP
THINK BIG, start small: With this vision you enter lean and inexpensive the professional and functional module world of SAP Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) SAP Business One.

start small: A productive system is ready for you within 24 hours.

Level II: SAP Business One extensions and interfaces – growing is obvious

… extend your ERP with those processes that push you and your business forward

Flexibility and order: as agil as your business
For a long time, SAP focuses on the agile SME‘s and those about to become so: The start-ups. That’s why we created SAP Business One. As a modular and scalable system, it helps you to stay efficient, adaptable and successful in an ever-changing environment.

THINK BIG: Choose exactly those extensions that pushes you and your business forward. This way you are ready for growth and at the same time prepared for short-term changes.

SAP Business One Stufe 2
SAP Business One Stufe 1,2,3

Level III: SAP Business One Industry 4.0 – Intelligence technologies

At the forefront with the new technologies
Artificial intelligence (AI) opens up new analyses and process opportunities. SAP Business One integrates scalable and tailored to your needs as much optimization through AI technology into your system as you need.

With the starter package you already set the data foundation for artificial intelligence and smart management today for the future.

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