Personnel time recording (PZE) made easy

Personnel time recording (PZE) made easy

Transfer working times from Timebutler to SAP Business One and automatically generate draft invoices

What does the conesprit interface for importing personnel times do?
The interface enables the import of either working times from Timebutler software or from ready-made CSV files in SAP Business One.

What is the unique selling point of the interface?
With the interface, not only working times can be imported, but corresponding invoice drafts can be automatically generated as drafts. Before the outgoing invoice is created and later sent, the invoice draft can be adjusted if necessary and, for example, additional details can be added. With a further click, the invoice is ready and the posting record is automatically generated in the background.

How are the hourly rates transferred to the outgoing invoice?
When creating an invoice draft, the user can decide whether all hours of the past period per customer should be transferred in total or in detail (each entry individually).

Multiple invoicing based on the same working hours is not possible, as the interface shows for each working hours entry whether it has already been invoiced or not.

For which companies is the interface suitable?
In principle, the interface is suitable for all SAP Business One customers in Germany for transferring working hours.

Especially for service providers with billing by time and effort, invoicing is very time-consuming. Due to the automatically generated invoice drafts, these companies save a lot of time in accounting by using the interface. Examples of these companies are management consulting, software consulting, service providers for maintenance, but also handicraft businesses.

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