Fulfillment with SAP Business One

Fulfillment with SAP Business One

Cosmetics runs best with SAP: Minimize the time for customer order processing while improving order quality with the conesprit fulfillment process


Components of the fulfillment process:

Takeover of web store orders with optional checking by a clerk or automatic checking

Creation of picking lists depending on the configuration, sorted by BBD

Picking with barcodes and scanner possible

Depending on the configuration, packaging using the 4-eyes principle (scanner) and/or weighing the delivery

Printout of delivery note, invoice and shipping label at the push of a button

Registration with the shipping service provider for shipment tracking, DHL is supported out-of-the-box, other service providers can be connected via ShipCloud

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    Perfect Look
    Kosmetics wholesale and retail

    PERFECT Look works according to the latest scientific findings and the most modern technology to ensure that nobody has to live with an unhappy appearance. To make this possible, they offer treatments, products and training.

    être belle Cosmetics
    Kosmetics wholesale and retail

    être belle Cosmetics, with its international headquarters in Flein near Heilbronn, was founded in 1982 and has continued to develop successfully since then. The beauty products stand for exclusive cosmetics, wellness and professional treatment systems worldwide.

    Industry: Production as well as
    wholesale and retail of natural cosmetics


    PHYSTINE means pure body through untouched nature and with this name stands for naturalness, sustainability, environmental protection and social fairness. The skin and body care products are consistently natural, ethical and ecological.

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