SAP Business One includes numerous industry-specific functions, best practices and processes. If the standard ERP of SAP Business One does not support your individual process, there are more than 500 add-ons available to customize SAP Business One to your company.


With SAP Business One for Retail, you can access customer and point-of-sale data and optimize everything from maketing to supply chain. You increase your sales by connecting a web shop that reads master data and inventory information from SAP Business One in real time.

SAP Business One Einzelhandel
SAP Business One Großhandel


With SAP Business One for Whoelsale you are able to satisfy customer and supplier requirements proactively. You can optimize every process from demand planning and warehousing to supply chain management. The result: Flexible, end-to-end integrated processes that strengthen your operational business.

Machine, device and component construction

With SAP Business One for Industrial goods, you can meet your customers’ needs and create new revenue streams. Supply chain costs and lead times are reduced, there is less scrap as well as less reworking is necessary.

SAP Business One Handwerk
SAP Business One Konsumgüter

Consumer Goods

Adapt your business to the needs of today’s customers with SAP Business One for Consumer Products. Forecast, plan, manage the demand and offer products that buyers long for.


With SAP Business One for service and consulting companies, you can develop a standardized service process, optimize resource planning, project management, invoicing, and much more.

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