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Majas Coffee GmbH

🔨DIY Heros: 🚀Startup Majas Coffee sets up SAP Business One Cloud under its own direction

As a start-up organic coffee roaster with great growth potential, Majas Coffee GmbH was looking for an integrated, scalable ERP system on which to base its fast-growing production, import and sales activities. The start-up booked the “Do It Yourself” (DIY) implementation package. This includes company databases, training materials and the configuration of standard documents. In this way, conesprit offers users with prior knowledge of SAP, in particular, a fully comprehensive basis for mapping their respective business processes in SAP and designing them in a correspondingly digitized and efficient manner. In addition to the “Do It Yourself” package, Majas Coffee ordered the conesprit webshop connector. Webshop orders are automatically transferred to SAP Business One.

“Do It Yourself“ (DIY) package

The “Do It Yourself” package is aimed at interested parties with prior knowledge and experience in SAP or other ERP systems. It includes two databases, a productive database and a workshop database, training materials and standard documents. Training and other modules can be added.

First of all, Majas Coffee filled out a questionnaire, on the basis of which the databases were configured. The finished databases were then made available in the SAP Business One Cloud.

Based on the conesprit training documents and a training guide showing the order in which these documents could be worked through, the founders Selina Schimmel and Sebastian Wieber set about getting to grips with SAP Business One

A joint kick-off was followed by three more appointments with an SAP Business One consultant from conesprit. These appointments were each one week apart, so that at the end of each week the questions that had arisen during the self-study could be answered. In the workshop database, the participants practiced hard and put the knowledge they had acquired into practice.

After these three weeks, the master data based on the conesprit implementation guide was entered and imported into the productive database and the start-up could go live with SAP Business One.

Web shop connector:

The web shop connector automatically transfers web shop orders and customer data to SAP Business One. At the same time, an outgoing advance invoice is created in SAP Business One and, depending on the payment type, a payment is created and posted. The inventory from the SAP Business One warehouse, from which goods are taken for the web shop, can be synchronized with the web shop at the push of a button.

BEFORE SAP Business One Implementation: Challanges and Opportunities

  • Undergoing rapid growth
  • Aiming for complete supply chain oversight through comprehensive product traceability
  • Seeking a scalable, growth-oriented ERP to facilitate expansion and future system improvements

Why SAP Business One and conesprit

  • Solution offers an integrated, Cloud-based platform with 24/7 access from anywhere off of any device
  • Solution provides a scalable system capable of seamless integration with future enhancements
  • “Do It Yourself” (DIY) program allowing customers to customize and enhance SAP® Business One
  • Partner successfully designed and implemented an app to connect the company’s online shop to SAP® Business One and allow for direct online sales

AFTER SAP Business One Implementation: Value-Driven Results

  • Improved system accessibility from any device, 24/7, thanks to the solution’s Cloud-based platform
  • Full product traceability from origin to final customer, helping to ensure the company’s commitment to sustainable business practices
  • Direct e-commerce sales from online store via custom-designed app linked with SAP® Business One
  • Enhanced raw materials supply planning capabilities

“We wanted to take the next step with SAP® Business One. It helps us tremendously with materials planning; the entire production line is now 100% traceable. I believe that together, we can make the world a more sustainable place.”

Sebastian Wieber, CEO, Majas Coffee

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